What we do

Digital product development

We see ourselves as a development powerhouse. Our services range from initial market analysis to continuous improvement.

Building great products is one thing, integrating them into your digital infrastructure is another. We help you to unlock the true potential of your product so you not only become a technical pioneer but also have smooth processes to achieve your business goals.
Users are often not aware of what they really need. We put users at the center, do profound, test designs and challenge ideas. Creating meaningful UX results in a product that stands out and users will love.
Would you like to launch your app on the market? We’re the right partner for you! Specialized in cross-platform development with Flutter and React-Native, we build mobile solutions that work.
In a very short span, we have acquired a broad knowledge about Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning products. We focus on using AI/ML to eliminate inefficiencies, speed up processes and develop high-quality products at the same time.


You decide – we consult and develop

As a third-party consultant, we help you thrive by bringing a fresh overview and a visionary expert perspective. We provide you with all the information you need to make strategic decisions. Then we develop your product!


One-of-a-kind agile contract

We don’t charge per hour. Instead, we offer everything before the development phase as packages, perfectly adapted to your specific needs. The agile development of your product itself is invoiced sprint per sprint, giving you full flexibility.


Depending on the complexity, projects need more or less research and design efforts before the development can start. We create tailor-made packages for you and guarantee to deliver the results of the package for the agreed price. 
Talk to us. We analyze your needs and business goals to create a budget and timeline. Then we head straight to the execution step. Smaller projects may be as simple as that.
Understanding you is essential. But it's just as important to understand the needs and expectations of your users. We can find out by conducting user research, for example, by interviewing your (potential) clients. 
For more complex projects, asking users what they need is not enough. You have to create prototypes of your product and test them. The insights you get from letting users test your product go far beyond asking users what they like.

Agile Pricing

When the UX design is done and we know exactly what to develop, we start developing. We work in sprints, which means specific periods, usually 2–4 weeks.The bigger the project team, the more we can deliver after each sprint (=velocity). In turn, the more the sprint costs. Invoicing is done per sprint. We guarantee to deliver the agreed velocity to the agreed price.